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Microsoft Denounces NSO Group as 21st Century Cyber-Mercenary, Its New "Zero-Click" Exploit Targets Al Jazeera

Note that the Microsoft statement targets for blame/responsibility not just NSO, but the venture capitalists profiting from its products and conduct.  That would include Franciso Partners and Novalpina Capital, companies which respectively once owned, and currently own NSO.  If governments restrict investments in these noxious products, then it will cut off the financial oxygen the companies need to survive.

This Microsoft statement joins an amicus brief filed by American, and the world's largest technology companies, including Cisco, Google, Dell, Github, LinkedIn and VMware, supporting WhatsApp's lawsuit against NSO.  The suit accuses the Israeli company (and its clients) of hacking the electronic communications of 1,400 human rights activists from around the world.  NSO took billions in sales from repressive regimes in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, enabling them to monitor those posing political threats to their rule.  In many cases, these victims end in prison, bankrupted by bogus criminal court charges, or dead.  Finally, these companies are saying: Enough.

US said probing Israeli spyware firm NSO following WhatsApp lawsuit | TOI - March 2021 |

by Oui on Wed Jul 21st, 2021 at 07:24:17 AM EST

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