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The civil war of 1861-1865 is often portrayed as a heroic victory for the north, led by Abraham Lincoln. But a fascinating aspect of the documentary is how the north became complicit in the south's redemption, casting statues, publishing books and generating films that portrayed Dixie as noble, genteel and romantic. As one interviewee puts it, the reconciliation of north and south was actually a reconciliation of white people.

New Orleans, a majority Black city led by a white mayor, Mitch Landrieu, voted to remove the monuments in December 2015 but it took more than two years to actually topple them. Absurdly, Landrieu recalls in the film, he could not find a local able or willing to do the job.

Hunt reflects: "It almost feels like a fable. They had to go to a city Blacker than New Orleans in order to find a crew to take them down. That crew was from Atlanta and they had to have military contractors and snipers on the roof. It's like that is what is required to take down white supremacy from the public square in America, or was then."

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