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Baltimore's "Vacants-to-Value" (V2V) is a decade-old RE sales scheme, initiated by former-mayor Rawlings-Blake, to unload ~17K abandoned lots and houses that cannot be sold as annual tax lien securities. Before that and peak city out-migration (2020 Census), the city called its marketing plan "Dollar House" and SCOPES.
"[One] problem with most vacant houses in Baltimore, even if you pay nothing for the house itself, is that the cost of renovating them and bringing them back up to code exceeds their value in the place that they are," says [current comptroller Bill] Henry.
The other problems since revealed are, the city's housing authority (fed HUD, state HUD) grants management and policies to promote speculative investment in rental property instead of "racial equity" in land trust management and home ownership of the "Black Butterfly". Regardless of crisis--COVID, affordability, air and water pollution-- B'more is out to prove time and again, there is no "community association" it cannot corrupt.

Community farm in Cherry Hill, "a church without walls," faces eviction
counter-factual City Agriculture
by Cat on Sun Jul 4th, 2021 at 03:38:12 PM EST
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