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Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail claims it has condemnation authority stemming from its acquisition of the former Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis Electric Railroad Co. franchise in 2015. The rail operator, which eventually hopes to extend its train to New York, says condemnation power came with the franchise as a last resort to acquire essential land for the proposed $10 billion [express] route.
Westport--a neighborhood in Baltimore city--is also a "community investment" site obligated by Under Armour's ill-conceived Port Covington, 235-acre "megadevelopment" scheme, underwritten by $148M TIF bonds issued by Balt City Hall. Note that the city paygo otherwise limits total muni debt to biennial $80M issues. Although, Plank's enterprises disintegrated in 2020, ritual ground-breaking of a hastily modified prospectus seemed to mollify the mayor's Board of Estimates, if not the SEC.
Wayne Rogers, CEO of Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail, has said the economic and environmental benefits of a train whisking riders from Baltimore to Washington in 15 minutes, and eventually from Baltimore to New York in under an hour, would outweigh benefits of waterfront housing for the city [residents], state and Northeast corridor.

Baltimore City recently ["]asked["] the Federal Railroad Administration not to approve the train, citing concerns about equity and the project's effects on the environment.

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"The availability of $6.5 billion in additional federal aid not yet appropriated in the budget may further enhance the State's ability to preserve its own resources for future needs."
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