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Big Solar: Where do large solar power plants pay off?
Production costs for solar energy have dropped by 90% between 2009 and 2020, according to US investment bank Lazard. In 2020, electricity from large-scale solar plants cost a global average of just $0.037/kWh. By comparison, the costs of generating electricity from new coal-powered plants was three times that at $0.112/kWh, while natural gas cost $0.059 [anywhere but Baltimore], nuclear $0.163, and wind $0.04/kWh.
For this reason among others, US infestors are throwing money into "carbon-capture pipelines."
The new projects would essentially do the opposite by capturing carbon dioxide at ethanol refineries and transporting it to sites where it could be buried thousands of feet underground. [...] While Summit Carbon Solutions, whose pipeline will connect refineries in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota to a ["]sequestration site["] in North Dakota, says it plans to build the world's largest carbon capture and storage project. Both hope to start some operations by 2024.
Gonna make a mint.
by Cat on Mon Jul 26th, 2021 at 07:10:26 PM EST
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