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"cruelty-free," ethically sourced "woke coke" has entered the room>
"I have been shown ads for `environmentally friendly sniff,'" UK drug policy expert Neil Woods told the Mirror of the so-called eco-conscious blow. These supposedly "green" drug commercials were put out in response to growing concerns among Westerners over the environmental damage and violence occurring along the South American drug highway, according to Metro.

However, Woods sees "woke coke" as a "clever marketing" ploy to help drug cartels recuperate their losses after the COVID pandemic disrupted the supply chain.

"There is no way you can have environmentally friendly cocaine," the narcotics hawk said, "not when the market is unregulated like it is today, so people are paying more for the same product."

by Cat on Sun Aug 1st, 2021 at 06:42:06 PM EST
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