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Further adding to the mystery, the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo claimed a source had told it that security footage from the presidential compound showed the Colombian operatives arriving there at between 2.30 and 2.40am on Wednesday. "That means they arrived one and a half hours after the crime against the president," the source was quoted as saying.

But Colombian guns-for-hire have been turning up in war zones around the world, including Yemen, Iraq, Israel and Afghanistan, for years. Many were once trained by US soldiers and, having spent years battling insurgent groups or drug traffickers within Colombia, go on to find work with US-based private military contractors.

[Source: The Guardian]

In the meantime there are two Haitians with the claim of title to be the acting Prime Minister. Oh wait ... Antony Blinken already made his pick ...

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called Claude Joseph had spoken with the "interim prime minister" of Haiti.

A range of well trained Colombian mercenaries - made in USA - Have Gun, Will Travel.

Colombia: Private Firms Take on U.S. Military Role in Drug War

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