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LGBTQ in China lament `dark day' after social media crackdown
These accounts now carry the tag "unnamed official account," with a single message appearing beneath - "all content has been censored for the account's violation of `internet official account information service management regulations.'" All the articles previously published on the platforms, mostly on gender issues and LGBTQ rights, have disappeared.
There remains no legal recognition of same-sex relationships or marriage but as people have become more socially liberal in recent years, those hostile to the LGBTQ community have shifted away from their "traditional values" argument.

A sampling of conversations happening on- and offline makes clear that another viewpoint is gaining traction: a suspicion that the LGBTQ community, especially on college campuses, is the pawn of a so-called "foreign hostile force" that could disrupt Chinese society and therefore needs to be carefully regulated.

by Cat on Tue Jul 13th, 2021 at 02:26:02 PM EST
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