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Three ways this Afghanistan crisis really hurts Biden | BBC News |

    For Joe Biden, right now, things do look pretty dark. But if I'm digging into my quotations book, who can better Kipling's If - and that line about treating triumph and failure as the impostors that they are?

Biden's election campaign could be boiled down to three messages to distinguish himself from Donald Trump. First, he would be more empathetic. He would be more competent. And instead of "America First", it would be replaced by the mantra "America is back".

But in his address yesterday, there wasn't a whole lot of empathy towards the thousands of Afghans who've helped Americans these past 20 years. On competence, even his biggest cheerleaders would struggle to say the withdrawal of American troops has been anything other than shambolic.

And after the bewildering events of the past few days, how exactly is America back? Many see what has unfolded on President Biden's watch in Afghanistan as a linear continuation of Donald Trump's America First policies - and, as some have joked cruelly, not as well organised.

That is potentially deeply damaging.

by Oui on Wed Aug 18th, 2021 at 04:34:08 AM EST
It's not damaging to Biden at all. Most people in the US couldn't care less about Afghanistan. His next election isn't for another 3 years, and the global pandemic, climate change, and about 100 other problems will completely erase Afghanistan from everybody's memory.

Plus, he undoubtedly realizes that he is old and might not make it for a second term anyway. This is his one final chance to do what he has been talking about for decades in congress, and he is going to do it.

by asdf on Wed Aug 18th, 2021 at 03:24:24 PM EST
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Nice 😉 US and general politics is about grabbing headlines ... the next election is never far away ... Obama and Democrats did poorly in midterms 2010 ... losing US Congress makes him a lame duck president. Poor stats 1968 Paris peace talks, 1980 hostages Embassy Teheran, 2012 compound Benghazi, 2021 commemoration 9/11 😣 Congress key to domestic policy, purse, appointments, judges, investigations.
by Oui on Wed Aug 18th, 2021 at 04:54:25 PM EST
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