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APsplainin casually itemizing US support for Afghanistan's "women and minorities"
Taliban destroy statue of foe, stoking fear over their rule, anywhere but "a well-to-do neighborhood" of Kabul
As Afghans and the international community look to see if the Taliban will make good on their promises, photos circulated on social media of the destroyed statue. It depicted Abdul Ali Mazari, a militia leader killed by the Taliban in 1996, when the Islamic militants seized power from rival warlords [?]. Mazari was a champion of Afghanistan's ethnic Hazara minority, Shiites who were persecuted under the Sunni Taliban's earlier rule.
the jealous god and false idols in Bamyan province
The head of Afghanistan's Central Bank meanwhile said the country's supply of physical U.S. dollars is "close to zero." Afghanistan has some $9 billion in reserves, Ajmal Ahmady tweeted, but most is held outside the country, with some $7 billion held in U.S. Federal Reserve bonds, assets and gold.

Ahmady said the country did not receive a planned cash shipment amid the Taliban offensive.

"The next shipment never arrived," he wrote. "Seems like our partners had good intelligence as to what was going to happen."

corroboration US Reportedly Freezes Afghanistan's National Reserves in American Banks to Cut Taliban Off From Them
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