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Twenty years after 9/11 and thirty years after the fall of the Soviet Union ... the United Stares succeeded to rebuild NATO into its image, an aggressive machine of war. Failures and no room for diplomacy.

The War on Terrorism and NATO's Role in Afghanistan

After the demise of communism in Europe and the disintegration of the USSR, NATO lost justification for its existence. NATO was rejuvenated with a new doctrine and it soon became involved in peace keeping missions, humanitarian and rescue operations in failed and failing states and the fight against global terrorism. Thus NATO found the raison d'etre for continuing existence. The incident of 9/11 is a watershed in world politics. Although NATO reacted quickly on 9/11, it was the US which played the lead role in the invasion of Afghanistan. NATO was thus sidelined and no role was given to it in the Bonn settlement, which authorized the International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF) to keep peace in Afghanistan. When in 2003, the ISAF forces faced a growing crisis, it was decide that NATO should be called in to take over the command of ISAF forces. This was NATO's first "out of area operation". NATO's main objectives in Afghanistan were to combat insurgencies, strengthen Afghanistan's incumbent government and its security institutions and restrain the opium trade. This article discusses at length NATO's successes and failures in achieving its objectives in Afghanistan, where it is facing a real test of its survival as a security organization with a global role.

Afghanistan: Building a State to Keep the Peace

The U.S. War In Afghanistan 1999-2021

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