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Turkey, Taliban close to deal on Kabul airport | Tribune Pakistan |

Turkey and Qatar will jointly operate the Kabul International airport, with Ankara providing security through a private firm, according to a draft deal with the Afghan Taliban, the Middle East Eye (MEE) reported on Saturday, citing two sources familiar with the issue.

The MEE report said that the draft deal would be finalised after completion of the US troop withdrawal from the airport by the next week. It added that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would give the final approval of the deal.

Erdogan, the MEE said, was expected to hold consultations with his Nato allies, mainly the US. According to the main points of the draft agreement, the report said, Turkey will recognise the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

Moreover, Turkey and Qatar will operate the airport in a consortium and Ankara providing security through a private firm, whose staff will consist of former Turkish soldiers and police. Turkish special forces, operating in plainclothes, will secure the technical staff but cannot leave the airport perimeter.

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