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Hazara edition
DW | Afghanistan's repressed minority faces a hostile Taliban
As Taliban fighters patrolled Kabul's streets, a terrified 19-year old -- hidden away at home like countless other women and girls -- turned to her beloved movies for solace.

Her current favorite, she said, was "V for Vendetta": set in a dystopian future, it features a lone freedom fighter, plotting to overthrow an all-powerful, Orwellian tyranny.

< wipes tears >
But instead of offering comfort, hope even [?!], the movie just made her feel more depressed, she said, as she painfully recalled how different her life had been when she last watched it: Then she was a final-year high-school student, who planned to study photography at university.
U R doin it rong.
by Cat on Sat Sep 4th, 2021 at 02:07:52 PM EST

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