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Princess of Afghanistan Says US, NATO Could Have 'Purged Afghanistan of Terrorists in a Week'
whose maternal grandparents were King Amanullah, Afghan monarch from 1919 until his abdication in 1929, and Queen Soraya, has expressed the perturbation and fear she feels about the future of the south Asian country after the latest turmoil.
As she spoke from Italy, where she now lives and works, Princess Soraya said she was astonished that, despite having been in the war-torn country for almost 20 years, the most powerful army in the world - the American Army - and forces of 41 other countries had proved themselves incapable of "expelling terrorists and rebuilding the country". If the western nations had really wanted to, they could have purged the south Asian country of "terrorists" in a week, the princess believes.
As one who has been long committed to the issue of women's [and minorities'?] rights in Afghanistan, the princess expressed profound concern for the fate of women in the country now. She also took the West to task for its failure to achieve any successes for civil society in the country in the more than 19 years they were there. Heavy funding was channelled into military expenses, and lesser funding went into construction - roads and dams. For women, however, very little has been done beyond initial calls to liberate them which turned out to be no more than propaganda, the princess said.
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