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APsplainin a Women's March
The women's march -- the second in as many days in Kabul -- began peacefully. Demonstrators laid a wreath outside Afghanistan's Defense Ministry to honor Afghan soldiers who died fighting the Taliban before marching on to the presidential palace.

"We are here to gain human rights in Afghanistan," said 20-year-old protester Maryam Naiby. "I love my country. I will always be here."

As the protesters' shouts grew louder, several Taliban officials waded into the crowd to ask what they wanted to say.

Flanked by fellow demonstrators, Sudaba Kabiri, a 24-year-old university student, told her Taliban interlocutor that Islam's Prophet gave women rights and they wanted theirs. The Taliban official promised women would be given their rights[,] but the women, all in their early 20s, were skeptical.
Meanwhile, the young women demonstrators said they have had to defy worried families to press ahead with their protests, even sneaking out [FAIL] of their homes to take their demands for equal rights to the new rulers.

Farhat Popalzai, another 24-year-old university student, said she wanted to be the voice of Afghanistan's voiceless women, those too afraid to come out on the street.

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APsplainin Afghan evacuees [INCLUDING WOMEN AND CHILDREN] who fail initial screening Kosovo-bound because Qatar, that beacon of "mostly muslim" gender-equity, is full of mostly sunni allies "of the United States since the U.S. spearheaded a 1999 NATO air campaign against Serbian forces brutalizing Kosovo civilians."
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The U.S. will use a military camp, Camp Bondsteel, that houses the U.S. army near the Kosovo capital for the further screening and processing of evacuees intended for resettlement in the United States, the U.S. official said. A site down the road that formerly housed road crews is to temporarily house evacuees bound for other NATO countries, under NATO's management and care.
Germany and Italy each have set time limits of no more than two weeks for U.S. processing of any one evacuee on their soil.

Balkans Forward - A New U.S. Strategy For The Region

Bondsteel well known for CIA rendition and torture  facility for high-value Al Qaeda suspects.

Later it was used to fly in Sunni jihadists for training to fight in Syria for the neocon enterprise to overthrow public enemy Bashar Assad.

Who are the Kosovar fighters in Syria?

The Pentagon Wasted $500 Million Training Syrian Rebels | Foreign Policy - 2016 |

'Sapere aude'

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