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Iceland elects Europe's first female-majority parliament
After all votes were counted Sunday, female candidates held 33 seats in Iceland's 63-seat parliament, the Althing. ... According to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Rwanda leads the world with women making up 61% of its Chamber of Deputies, with Cuba, Nicaragua and Mexico narrowly over the 50% mark. Worldwide, the organization says just over a quarter of legislators are women. The milestone for women comes despite a poor outcome for parties on the left, where female candidates are more often front-runners.
Opinion polls had suggested a victory for left-leaning parties in the unpredictable election, which saw 10 parties competing for seats. But the center-right Independence Party took the largest share of votes, winning 16 seats, seven of them held by women.
Grapevine | Ruling Coalition Expands Seats, Coalition Talks Begin
this was largely due to the performance of the Progressive Party, as the Left-Greens lost some of their seats during the previous term and subsequent elections, while the Independence Party held steady.

Left-Greens: 8 seats, down from 11
Independence Party: Retains 16 seats.
Progressive Party: 13 seats, up from 8.
Social Democrats: 6 seats, down from 7.
Pirate Party: Retains 6 seats.
Reform Party: 5 seats, up from 4.
People's Party: 6 seats, up from 4
Centre Party: 3 seats, down from 7
Voter turn-out was 80.1% this year, barely less than during the 2017 elections, when turn-out was at 81.2%

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