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Boris Johnson unveils £12bn-a-year tax rise to pay for NHS and social care
In 2016 there were 11.8 million UK residents aged 65 and over, representing 18% of the population. That figure is expected to rise by 8.6 million by 2066, making the elderly more than a quarter of the population.
needs moar metic labor, post-Commonwealth windrush deportation? hell to the NO!
Tory MPs urge Priti Patel to return migrants who attempt to enter UK illegally
The suggestion, made a day after more than 800 migrants crossed the Channel to seek refuge in the UK, has been condemned as a breach of the UN convention on human rights. Home Office officials have questioned whether the government has the power to make such a move.

Patel, under pressure from Boris Johnson and senior Tories to stop the flow from Calais, told MPs on Monday she was ready to withhold £54m promised to the French to block migrant crossings. Her comments were leaked after an expected record number of people were estimated to have landed in Kent on Monday.

Craig Mackinlay, the MP for South Thanet, said that sending back all people who arrived in boats, INCLUDING CHILDREN, would be a "high-octane measure".
"I said we should drop these illegal immigrants, not migrants, off on a French beach and send the French government a bill for the cost of the journey," [Lee Anderson, the Tory MP for Ashfield] said.

archived Hong Kongers with UK passport seek right to stay [in UK]
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Johnson's predecessor, Theresa May, came up with a solution which would have involved cutting benefits to pensioners to pay for their care but it was dubbed a "dementia tax" and was dropped after the 2017 general election, when she lost her majority.

Johnson had a dig at previous prime ministers when he said: "Some of us have ducked these problems for decades" and added: "There can be no more dither and delay."

Theresa May ditches manifesto plan with 'dementia tax' U-turn 22 May 2017
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expected to rise by 8.6 million by 2066

Does that include COVID-19 related drop in life expectancy?

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Italy delays €15 million `dementia fund' while disease costs billions
Another aspect to consider, according to Vanacore, is the fragility of the diagnostic category of `mild cognitive impairment' (MCI), the condition of the patients on which aducanumab focuses.

The registration studies of the drug [Biogen Aduhelm (aducanumab)], in fact, involve 80% of patients diagnosed with MCI and 20% of patients with mild dementia.

MCI is a clinical condition characterised by a slight difficulty in one or more cognitive domains (for example, memory, attention or language): those affected face difficulties in delivering complex tasks that before they always performed without difficulty, such as managing their financial affairs. But day-to-day activities are not compromised.

Whatever it takes
"For this reason we have decided to eliminate for the last quarter of the year the system costs for gas for everyone, and for electricity for families and small companies."
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