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Democrats plot response to Texas ["Taliban"] anti-abortion law
"SB8 unleashes one of the most disturbing, unprecedented and far-reaching assaults on health care providers -- and on anyone who helps a woman, in any way, access an abortion -- by creating a vigilante bounty system that will have a chilling effect on the provision of any reproductive health care services. This provision is a cynical, backdoor attempt by partisan lawmakers to evade the Constitution [citation needed] and the law to destroy not only a woman's right to health care but potentially any right or protection that partisan lawmakers target," Pelosi said.
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'American Taliban' says prison restricts prayer
John Walker Lindh, 31, who is serving a 20-year sentence for aiding the Taliban "in Terre Haute's Communications Management Unit, which opened in 2006. The unit severely restricts the contact of prisoners with the outside and monitors conversations between the inmates."

The 'American Taliban' Captured After 9/11 Is Being Released
"John Walker Lindh's eyes, dark and wild, were ubiquitous across magazine covers and cable news channels when he was captured with other militants in Afghanistan in November 2001. He was a long-haired guerrilla with a California address -- a traitor to some, a misguided kid sucked into Islamic jihad to others, and to one family, partly to blame for the first U.S. death in the war."

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