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The trouble with a relatively "small" country being so dependent from big multinational companies, is that the relationship becomes rapidly lopsided. Enforcing laws and regulations may be delayed and diluted: "regulatory capture", in short.

Max Schrems, the Austrian activist who has become a thorn on the side of Facebook and other digital giants in Europe, even when he was merely a law student, is becomingly increasingly vocal about the actions - or rather, lack thereof - of the Irish Data Protection Commission, who's been dragging their feet on cases against some of the major contributors to the Irish GDP.

Now the Irish Council for Civil Liberties has published a damning report on the DPC, calling it "the bottleneck of GDPR enforcement against Big Tech across the EU.".  They added that other countries DPC's have brought more cases with a lower budget.

by Bernard on Tue Sep 14th, 2021 at 08:52:44 PM EST

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