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Similarly in Colorado, a left-over from Prohibition was the three two beer law. Under that law, people aged 18-21 were restricted to 3.2% "near beer," and those over 21 were allowed regular liquor.

Note that 18-21 corresponds pretty closely to the age range for undergraduate college students. The result was that college towns had 3.2 bars and clubs that catered to the students.

An advantage of 3.2% beer is that it is tough to get really drunk on it. That gives foolish kids an opportunity to do grown-up stuff while staying fairly sober. Especially if it is doled out in 7 ounce pony cans!

My experience was that while it was possible for undergrads to get high octane distilled liquor if they worked at it, it wasn't really considered worth it. The punch at a frat party would be high test, but most of the time people just got Coors 3.2% beer. And lots of people over age 21 drank it voluntarily.

The age restrictions were rescinded a couple of decades ago. Grocery stores were limited to selling 3.2% beer until a few years ago; now they sell regular beer which has been tough on the liquor stores.

But then we legalized marijuana so it probably averages out.

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