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One aspect of that story is that for most part it really was not the boots of Soviet Union but of an homegrown version of an ideology that they were freed from. And it was replaced immediately with another ideology that was to some extent even worse, so a narrative had to be created to prevent the old from returning ever.

Just like in Russia Chubais et al just had to destroy the very fabric of the society by absolutely horrendous privatization that they knew would destroy a lot of people and the nation, just to make sure people couldn't return to "communism" even if they wanted to. That is the main reason liberals poll so low in Russia even today - they have not been forgiven.

Not so many years ago I read in an article how many Eastern European women over 50 were looking back to the "good old days" when they had it better. Not necessarily materially better, but they had careers, positions, equality and dependable pension waiting. Today they have none of that.

It's not like these New Europe countries were the shining lights of democracy and liberalism before Red Army liberated them. The wave of leftism and reconstructing them was largely homegrown in 1945-47, until West launched the Cold War and all went to hell.

by pelgus on Wed Jan 12th, 2022 at 01:55:27 PM EST
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