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The problem from day 1 has been that we are dealing with a novel corona virus which also mutates rapidly. The clinical and epidemiological implications of which were largely unknown, and we are still learning. You say are still undecided about mandatory vaccination for the staff. Our public health authorities didn't have the luxury of prevaricating for so long.

So yes, mRNA technology is new. The vaccines haven't been tested exhaustively on all sorts of demographics, pre-existing conditions, and potential drug interactions. We know little or nothing about long Covid.

In Ireland the public health advice was confused and sometimes downright wrong. Public health officials initially opposed mask mandates - saying the public wouldn't know how to wear, handle and dispose of masks properly in the first place.

Antigen testing was opposed until very recently. Now it is almost replacing PCR testing as a first line of defence - despite a widely sold brand of antigen test becoming notorious for false positives. (It ruined our extended family Christmas).

There is still a lack of emphasis on air conditioning/filtration/plasma screening ventilation systems.

But it's all very well individuals becoming virologists overnight and making conscientious decisions for themselves and their families. Public health officials and governments have to make decisions for society as a whole, and that means assessing the balance of risks. No solution is perfect.

Once you take the Chinese total lockdown solution off the table, you are talking about pandemic management, trying to reduce the overall level of harm, trying to optimise the medical capacities you have or can develop.

It's not an exact science. Its almost like fighting a war: making rushed decisions under duress which might have been different had you had months of data to consider your options.


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