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I dunno how you do it in your corner of EU, but would like to believe US fed is not your confederate ROLE MODEL of pubic health science, while y'all ponder how best to "reform" the WHO.int.
Omicron has states rethinking 'broken' school Covid SARS-CoV-2 testing, "self-isolation," quarantine, "social distancing" and physical intimacy, risk and certainty, AIRBORNE droplets encapsulating virus, AI applications, natural and public utilities, personal privacy, private property, masked suspects, medical competence and biostatistical models, fee-for-service "health care systems", consent, variable wage labor income, real income inequality and per capita GDP, workplace safety, BIG DATA sampling errors and analysis, GDP addends, moral "impunity" and professional indemnity, cognitive psychology, k12 curricula and IQ competition, brain-body dichotomy and humoral immunity, chemistry and human physiology, quantum theories, immortality, etc.
"We can talk about the fact that we should've had rapid tests a long time ago," said Yvonne Maldonado, chair of the Committee on Infectious Diseases for the American Academy of Pediatrics and a professor of epidemiology at Stanford University.

"That ship has sailed," she said. "In the meantime, we know the principle of the way this virus works. Inherently, it's in your mouth and nose. So the more you keep your mouth and nose away from other people's mouth and nose < wipes tears >, the more you're going to prevent outbreaks. We can't let perfect [BWAH!] be the enemy of good."

you wish.
Mom with MS dies of COVID-19 after being denied vaccine, treatment: lawsuit
by Cat on Sun Jan 30th, 2022 at 08:12:40 PM EST

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