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Organic chemistry is hard work even with CRSPR equipment.
Biostatistical sampling errors are way more fun.
So is cherry-picking genes.

"Pool testing" state of the art UPDATE!
UK virus hunting labs seek to bolster global variant network

The laboratory is one example of how British scientists have industrialized the process of genomic sequencing during the pandemic, cutting the time and cost needed to generate a unique genetic fingerprint for each coronavirus case analyzed.
DNA collected from air could revolutionize the monitoring of biodiversity
"The non-invasive nature of this approach makes it particularly valuable for observing vulnerable or endangered species as well as those in hard-to-reach environments, such as caves and burrows. They do not have to be visible for us to know they are in the area if we can pick up traces of their DNA, literally out of thin air," Clare said.
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by Cat on Mon Jan 17th, 2022 at 10:08:20 PM EST
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Now that we are all MGOs anything can happen, I guess. And for those who aren't they won't be allowed to move from their caves anymore. Arts and culture are under huge pressure without much help in sight unless they sell to a multinational.

Lifted from NC comments:
Denmark sitrep:

  • cases are remaining stable, but still mighty high (2k per 100k case rate)

  • the Danish SSI has successfully mixed the 95%+ omikron case data with the 5% delta data to get rid of the omikron being overrepresented in the double-vaccinated (being roughly 2x more likely than a completely unvaxxed to get omikron) and is full speed on everyone get boosters

  • both recovered & vaccinated EU QR-code coronapasses now expire at 5months (even though SSI data itself shows that reinfection risk after vax is 90% (10% protection) at 9 months and 20% (80% protection) for unvaccinated). Just yesterday 900k greenpasses (1/7th of the population) expired. 3 times weekly spending 30min in test queues or just get another jab.

  • one a personal note - going with the traditional Danish disease vector = Kindergarten, our little one brought omikron home & now the whole household is sick. Mostly just a shitty 24h of fever & headaches followed by mediocre enjoyment fatigue days, but all recovering. Even got to try out me horsey medication (didn't feel that I needed it, but just to squash tail risk).

  • due to the expiry of the needed QR greenpasses (if you work in ed or health), we have friends chasing sick people to get an infection `booster' - he's a Pharma PhD working on RNA and him & family has refused to take `experimental/ EUA products' all the way. Peverse health incentives.
by Tom2 on Mon Jan 17th, 2022 at 10:42:52 PM EST
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