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António Horta-Osório

Many more nations will legislate for a mandate due to the pandemic and public health. There is sufficient data to show the vaccines are safe and catching the Covid-19 virus is not - see data Alberta, Canada.

The only waiver should be for health reasons of personal nature and very tight religious exemption. Tough rules as with the draft during the Vietnam War.

There are exemplary nations who have upped the double vaccination rate above 90%. For some strange turn of events, for the booster jab necessary for the Omicron variant in The Netherlands, less than half under 60 years old have come forward.

The students and young adults who crave for social mixing have the toughest time to get through these times which is understandable.

Just a small percentage of unvaccinated persons living in clusters will perpetuate the pandemic and force the government to stricter rules and shut down shops and business. So called biting oneself in the butt.

In press briefings, reporters ask stupid questions which obfuscate clear arguments for rules. Sometimes politicians take the lead in ignorance .. Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson and Rutte. Have learned a bit about society of Denmark, solidarity a great starting point to fight the pandemic.

Statement - We can beat COVID-19 virus through solidarity | Copenhagen - March 19, 2020 |

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