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SARS-CoV-2 variants are still infecting vaccinated* and unvaccinated people: "Confirmed and probable" CASE VOLUME alone has defined the success (failure) of pharmaceutical (P) and non-pharmaceutical (NP) "interventions" ordered by governments ostensibly to eliminate all instances of all variants of SARS-COV-2 ("coronavirus") circulating human and non-human populations. Which is ridiculous. No manufacturer ever claimed in EUA apps to eliminate (innoculate, immunize, or, now, "neutralize" VOCs), merely mediate risks of "severe illness or death" indicated by serum ANTIBODIES.

BUT estimates and counts (if any) are not 1:1 case per person. Just so, double- and triple-count DOSAGE exaggerate the cumulative number of vaccinated persons. IF you can find a "dashboard" or peer-reviewed (tiny) sample case studies that differentiate subject "immunity" by multiple infection or multiple dosage per person, post it. Here NY State Health Department methodological notes typify statistical error and common institutional ignorance, otherwise reserved for primitive Third World countries and commies.

What has appeared in HOSPITALIZATION and DEATHS reporting over the prior 8 months is, those numbers are not increasing at the same rate as case volume. It is a mistake to presume that vaccination alone is a limiting factor on case volume--despite relentless pop fiction disseminated by MSM "experts" who routinely exclude ALL-CAUSES in reporting either metric in order to tie vaccination uptake to "herd immunity". Which is ridiculous. How could you (pl.) forget that members of this board interrogated rampant COMORBID diseases ("pre-existing-," "underlying-" or "immune-compromised" conditions), relevant and irrelevant DEMOGRAPHIC traits, and MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENTS' services and equipment in the first 2 years of commonsensical multi-factor analysis of mortality rates? How could you dismiss persistent "with?" or "from?" causal controversy in custodial reporting? How have some become enthralled with the poetry of inert RNA transformed into a winged parasitic organism capable of spontaneous REPRODUCTION and PLANNING its "escapes" and "survival" by "selecting" anti-vaxxers?

CDC measles, PHIL ID #21074, CDC influenza A virus, CDC coronavirus, PHIL ID #23312, CDC coronavirus, PHIL ID #23312, USAToday front page, 01/11/22

"Experts" have admitted "herd immunity" is a canard--a ploy to establish NEW! product lines of maintenance drugs and supply of human "hosts" for experimentation. It's time to admit that, to interrogate the urgency and end-point of you consenting to indiscriminate, novel "interventions" whose actual recombinant and chemical properties as well clinical benefit are alternately unknown or little understood.

Morens, Taubenberger, Fauci, "Universal Coronavirus Vaccines -- An Urgent Need", NEJM. 15 Dec 2021

To gain insights into natural history and pathogenesis, it will be important to study the coronaviruses that were[?] probably once pandemic [WTAF] but have now[?!] become endemic. These four viruses ― the betacoronaviruses OC43 and HKU1 and the alphacoronaviruses 229E and NL63 ― cause mostly mild upper respiratory infections and can be studied in laboratory animals and in humans to characterize their epidemiology, cell tropism, elicited immune responses, cross-reactive and cross-protective epitopes, and the mechanisms by which they ["]survive["] and evolve in the face of high population immunity[?!]. Ethical human challenge studies4 can be conducted using modern genomic, transcriptomic, and immunologic tools.
by Cat on Tue Jan 18th, 2022 at 04:56:49 PM EST
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