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I'm not anti-vaxx. I got the 1 jab vax and now I don't want an mRNA booster, although this is the only thing on offer where I live. By the way, where I live the booster is not mandatory, and since the WHO itself said yesterday they don't see the use of boosters on young people (despite the fact every parents with kids at school know that children and young adults studying have been among the larger spreaders at each single wave), I don't see why I should enrol in an experiment (I received a paper stating I was, after taking the 1 jab vax, because it was being removed from other countries offer after some complications).
This means I am persona non grata in France since 15/12 unless I take a paying test. There is no study that proves I can infect anyone because I am not boosted. Having had palpitation issues for many years (even with just one expresso), I don't feel like playing Russian roulette, sorry. I do not understand either why tourists with Sinovac can visit Schengen but I am not allowed to ask for Sinovac. When these kind of opacities will be removed, I will consider the issue. For now I am a citizen banned from his own country (I don't have the money to afford paying tests all the time, and you would admit that visiting a country without any possibility to go out is a bit... harsh).
by Tom2 on Wed Jan 19th, 2022 at 08:21:55 PM EST
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