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Lockdown will only prolong it. Imo the reason of the bars, restaurants, museums, cinema etc lockdown in the NL was to keep tourists at bay, because they would import new variants in the midst of the booster campaign.

Now, here are data from the comments posted everyday by Campbell under his videos. This says that the UK went the Swedish way and it works: let it peak because it peaks quickly: no excess mortality, in spite of UK ppl and their junk food, obesity and love for booze and other drugs.

South Africa, leads the way


SA hospital data


Zoe, Omicron wave has  peaked


UK data




Deaths in the UK involving coronavirus

Week ending 7 January 2022

1,023 deaths involving COVID-19

383 more than in the previous week

Accounted for around 1 in every 14 deaths (7.3%).

Total deaths in UK, 13,886 (8.3% below the five-year average)

13 March 2020 to 7 January 2022, England and Wales

127,704 excess deaths above the five-year average



England - 3,735,000 people (1 in 15)

Wales - 169,100 people (1 in 20)

Northern Ireland - 99,200 people (1 in 20)

Scotland - 297,400 people (1 in 20)

Antibodies, week beginning 20 December 2021

England, 97.5% of the adult population

Wales, 96.8%

Northern Ireland, 97.4%

Scotland, 97.7%

Antibody thresholds, using data from Delta

Threshold of antibodies needed to provide protection from infections for those who are vaccinated

More than 88% of the population had antibodies at or above the higher threshold.

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