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Putin... seeks security to live without fear of a military confrontation with an aggressive NATO commanded by Washington DC.

Sorry... bullshit.

Aggressive NATO? On what planet? In what decade?
Putin is still mad as hell about the 90s, and thinks he can roll back history a few decades, because the "west" is divided, and therefore weak.

Putin to Biden : "Listen Joe, Russia is a great power again, so you can back off out of the Baltics, Poland, Ukraine etc which are natural Russian satellites. You can keep Germany. That's my only concession, ha ha."

Biden to Putin : "You'll have to take that up bilaterally with the sovereign nations concerned, Vladimir. But NATO stands with them."

Probably Putin thinks the Germans will try to compromise : "OK so how about we take some Nato troops out of the Baltics and Poland, and you can have half of the Ukraine"...
but I think not.

Or maybe he just wants to bring the German government down in revenge for Nord stream?

I think he needs to change his meds.

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by eurogreen on Wed Jan 19th, 2022 at 05:25:36 PM EST

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