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Some years after my retirement, I took a notion to do a PhD on the negotiating process. The application process required some academic references but all those who had taught me in College had since retired. As Finbarr had been made an adjunct professor and knew some of my work well, I hit on the idea of asking him for a reference.

"Sure" he said - "write it yourself and drop over to my house and I will sign it".  I wrote what I thought was a reasonable summary of my career highlights and drop over to his house. As he read it a dark frown came over his face. I was afraid I might have bigged myself up a little much.

Not at all, he was concerned I hadn't done my role "in the transformation of Guinness" justice and made loads of suggestions for additions and enhancements. Several drafts later it had expanded from half a page to two and a half pages and must have been the longest reference ever. He wouldn't hear of any editing reductions and duly signed it.

In the event I never proceeded with the research as I couldn't find a knowledgeable supervisor and as the topic seemed to fall between several stools of different departments. I also couldn't find much in the way of what I considered good research on-line as a starting point for my own work. Perhaps I am also too much of a dilettante hopping from topic to topic, and spending several years on one topic didn't fill me with joy.

I was almost the last time I saw him and it was great to see him and his wife Ann happily ensconced in their comfortable home.

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