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French philosophers, a reading ...

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Michel Onfray: «Eric Zemmour n'est pas gaulliste, il est le FN des années 1970»

Bernard-Henri Lévy started his attacks against Michel Onfray in the media way before he read even one single sentence of the book. But Onfray counterattacked by brushing aside baseless attacks

'Freedom ceased to exist in France a long time ago,' says French left-wing philosopher Michel Onfray

"Bernard-Henri Lévy" and Love for Israel

Love for Israel and Hate for Russia in ideology of French writer Bernard-Henri Lévy in 2015.

He must be confounded by friendship between Russia and Israel plus the divided opinion of Israel with Ukraine.

Yad Vashem Apologizes for Historical Error at World Holocaust Forum | Haaretz  - Feb. 3, 2020 |

The maps presented in the video erred in their depiction of the borders of Poland and its neighbors, and contained no reference to Ukraine, currently in the midst of an ongoing conflict with Putin's Russia. It confused concentration camps with death camps, and contained additional historical information that was either only partial or mistaken.

For political gain and national interest, Netanyahu hosted a Who-Is-Who in global authoritarian regimes from Azerbaijan, Arab states, Rwanda, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Philippines, Brazil and of course Trump & Co.

Yad Vashem and Holocaust: Putin's Private Party

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