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I don't nuthin about no Venn diagram, women and minorities edition.
They just don't mix no how.

McConnell says he made 'inadvertent omission' in voting remarks amid backlash
I don't no nuthin about no freudian slippers.

Some states dropping 'dehumanizing' terms for immigrants
I don't know nuthin about no a-word, a-word resident, or noncitizen and citizen.

this insidious business of institutionalizing race ideology
I dont't know nuthin about those census forms. "Black or African American" is all the same to me.

Constitutional Amendments and Major Civil Rights Acts of Congress Referenced in lack Americans in Congress
I don't know how many civil rights acts the US Congress has passed and don't care. Joe won the popular and electoral votes fair and square and that's why he's building back better voting rights for  black church ladies and people of color.

Besides, Mitch O'bama agree. "We've Elected An African American President"

by Cat on Sat Jan 22nd, 2022 at 04:38:23 PM EST
TheHill.com crashed, taking with it a weekend report purporting to interpret the leanings of black party balloons.

https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/590760-the-memo-biden-looks-for-way-to-win-back-deflated -black-voters?rl=1

I dunno how that "sensitive" material passed muster with global POC editorial management, BUT PressTV digested the gist of the pseudo-statistical profiling on which Democratic Party strategists have relied, lo, these decades of magical margin of error, attributed to The Black Bloc (not that one, the other one).  
archived Wed Nov 7th, 2018

by Cat on Mon Jan 24th, 2022 at 06:51:59 PM EST
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