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Prevent war and stop an arms race - SP

Tensions on the border between Russia and Ukraine have led to new negotiations on disarmament and conflict management. Let's make a virtue of necessity and work on solid agreements to prevent war.

The Russian rulers have put heavy demands on the table; Putin basically wants all NATO troops to leave Russia's borders. He also wants a guarantee that Ukraine and Georgia will never join NATO. It fits with Putin's intimidating power politics for years - not only towards his opponents at home, but also towards his neighboring countries. Unacceptable, because Ukraine and Georgia are sovereign countries.

As much as Putin wants it, Back to the future is not in it.

The US and the EU emphasize that countries themselves decide whether to join NATO. Putin insists the west has promised not to expand NATO eastward. The latter is clearly the case. It is a dangerous triumphalism to ignore that concern.

Rob van Wijk - Rightwing think tank Clingendael - in a beautiful park near my house, close to city center of The Hague. Used to be a reasonable advocate for peace ☮️. and disarmament. Not anymore.

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