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The Forgotten War: The Ongoing Disaster in Yemen - June 2018

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is now considered the worst in the world. Saudi Arabia and its coalition's war in the poor Arab nation has resulted in widespread famine, illness and death.

  • According to the United Nations, 75% of Yemen's population, just over 22 million people, are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. More than 2 million Yemenis are internally displaced, almost 18 million are food insecure--about half of those are at risk of starvation--and approximately 16 million lack access to safe water, sanitation and adequate healthcare. Over a million cases of cholera have been reported inside the country--the worst epidemic in modern history. Yemen's geographic location contributes to its strategic importance. The country's location on the Red Sea gives it control over the shipping of almost a third of the world's oil. Any negotiated peace agreement needs to take into account how this geographic importance influences regional and global interest in Yemen.

  • Saudi Arabia views neighboring Yemen as a critical security concern ... [read Russia and Eastern Ukraine]

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