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The seeds you grow will determine the harvest. The US has changed its personality through fear and intrinsic culture of violence: xenophobia and Islamophobia. A change for evil, a balance of good changing over many decades.

Blood and guts story | NY Times - May 11, 1975 |

Suzanne Massie is the daughter of a Swiss diplomat. She was born in New York and graduated from Vassar College, but also studied at the Sorbonne and the Institute of Political Studies in Paris.

Massie studied Russian and explored a culture in which suffering is accorded dignity rather than shame and ostracism; the Russian emigré community extended to them a compassion withheld by others. Together the Massies pursued the historical interest that led to the successful biography "Nicholas and Alexandra" about the parents of the Tsarevich Alexis whose hemophilia played a part in the downfall of the Romanovs. The book temporarily brought them a measure of freedom from financial pressure and the chance to live in France for four years, where Bobby discovered a matter‐of‐fact acceptance and a chance to be valued for his talents he had not found in America.

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