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Christmas Bombing -- Operation Linebacker I and II

Nixon had ordered the raids on December 14, and the Strategic Air Command headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, hastily devised a plan. The Eighth Air Force staff on Guam was surprised at the SAC decision to plan the missions in Omaha. The Eighth's mission planners had managed B-52 raids for years, and, since they were stationed on Guam, could discuss tactics with many of the B-52 crews. The distance between the SAC planners and the combat crews halfway around the world seemed to guarantee problems.

SAC's plan was to split the B-52 force--which would be flying from Guam and a U.S. base in U-Tapao, Thailand--into three waves, all attacking at night, with four hours between each wave. The bombers would fly almost identical routes, in single file, to Hanoi.

Wings Over Vietnam: The Missions - Linebacker II

Brought shame over America.

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