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Military aid to Donbass held back by Minsk agreement
On Wednesday, United Russia asked the country's authorities to start supplying military aid to the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics (DNR and LNR). Vladimir Vasilyev, head of the Duma faction of the United Russia party, said the party "has come to the understanding that it cannot abandon people to the arbitrariness of the Kiev regime".
Earlier on Wednesday, a similar appeal was made by the first deputy speaker of the Council of Federation and head of the United Russia general council, Andrei Turchak. He stressed: "Russia should provide the Luhansk and Donetsk people's republics with the necessary assistance in the form of deliveries of certain types of weapons to improve their defense capabilities and deter the military aggression Kiev is clearly preparing."
However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in response to Turchak's words, reminded that "we support unconditional implementation of the Minsk agreements, which Ukraine is now sabotaging". According to Interfax the minister also noted that Moscow is counting on the West to force Kiev to implement the Minsk agreements. "It's the first thing as far as the special status of Donbas is concerned. I believe this responsibility lies with the West - it should ensure Kiev's implementation of the Minsk agreements. Then all issues will disappear. And I hope very much that this will happen," Lavrov added.

From the legal point of view, starting such supplies could be interpreted as Russia's withdrawal from the Minsk agreements of which it is a guarantor, military expert Aleksey Leonkov said in a comment for VZGLYAD newspaper. "If Russia now begins to send weapons and military equipment to Donbass, it ceases to be a negotiating party and acts as a state supporting one of the parties to the conflict," the interviewee stressed. He noted that one of the Western guarantors of Minsk - Germany - seeks to avoid military supplies to Ukraine. It is indicative that Berlin has banned Estonia from transferring to Ukraine towed German-made D-30 howitzers, which are actually on lease to the Estonians, Leonkov reminded. "If we accept and start this kind of delivery, we bury the Minsk agreements with our own hands," the expert believes.

It's a much longer story, this Leonkov even talks about possibility of Russia declaring a no-fly zone over Donbass.
by pelgus on Thu Jan 27th, 2022 at 10:54:10 AM EST
starting such supplies could be interpreted as Russia's withdrawal from the Minsk agreements of which it is a guarantor

US federal government has one objective, stimulate moribund domestic industry by profiteering from war. Leadership of the EU are no different as demonstrated most profoundly by abandoning the JCPOA and every.single ruin created by their so-called interventions for democracy, "women[,] and minorities". And that M.O. most certainly includes the EU "association agreement" of 2013, "guaranteed" by $15B IMF loan with "structural adjustment" conditions.

Set aside internal inconsistencies of NATO member (US client states) allegiance, because US, UK do not international law; US, UK do not honor treaties; they make "their own reality", as is the custom among one or more psychopaths.

US State Dept's PR campaign in anglo-american press--since retreat from AFGHANISTAN in a PANDEMIC--is not "pre-text", but absolute prologue to another in a series of US-orchestrated proxy wars. In this psychotic break, Donbas, UKRAINE, is the theater in which NATO's special forces instruct Kiev's standing army in how to annihilate the irregular armed force of SE provinces--which it ought be recalled, mobilized after Ukraine's AUTONOMOUS REGIONAL GOV of Crimea employed a political solution to secede from political conflict in UKRAINE over Yanukovych and Poroshenko vacilating agreements to IMF-EU "association"--not NAZI unification or RU oppression.

This year, US-NATO concerted, rhetorical, diplomatic incoherence is a tactical ploy. It is not RU who needs time to "amass" resources for invasion of UKRAINE, it is the US. Which has been preparing the comical naïf Zelensk(i)y's regime with armament to resume hostilities that contravene Minsk cease fire, to which RU, FR, DE and UA are signatories, not US.

RU need do nothing to maintain the integrity of its government's geo-political position as peace keeper in this matter or JCPOA. In fact, US fed's diplomatic plan merely is to produce enough casualties in cynical experiment in human rights to trigger RU "intervention" where EU allies, not even under color of UN, balk.

The tragedy of allegiance to the wrong "super power" is manifold. As sure as the sun will rise, we, assets of  the deranged political economy expressed as representative democracy, we will retire in comfort with a belief that nothing can be done to arrest captains of this juggernaut of free trade, open skies, open doors, open seas, and besserwissen.

by Cat on Thu Jan 27th, 2022 at 05:09:05 PM EST
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