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Well, precisely, my problem with it after receiving it for two years is that I don't see much programs.. They have vacancies for a director and for a 'digital communications assistant' but have no open calls for any cultural project. As if small cultural entities had not suffered in the last 2 years. The big ones get funding through the EU QE program, which basically goes to the rent of prestigious buildings.
As with many EU websites, it is a window with nothing behind. Here is an example (i ll have to train my embedded link skills again, sic.)
Then, you click on programmes, and you arrive here, let's check the thematic 'experience' (whatever that is supposed to mean)
and there you get to another empty ballon, with many balloons, so let's try one, pompously called EU cultural elations platform...
Oh, a beautiful page about some EU/UAE cooperation... back in 2020 for the Dubai world exhibition....

As usual. Nothing for EU citizens. Everything for communication and an hubristic EU who pretends to stretch from Yokohama to Hawai. The so-called independent foundation is just doing for the EU the job that marketing agencies do for more money (and of course, the EU has money for those as well).

by Tom2 on Mon Jan 31st, 2022 at 03:08:13 PM EST
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