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The college years are certainly formative. Mine were from 1962-66 living in the states. Living the American Dream in technology, race to the Moon, the American astronauts and the local McDonnell Aeronautics building the Gemini capsule.

Reality coming in with the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, nuclear attack imminent, for many years school drills to hide under desk in classroom. Real sadness and dumbfounded by the assassination of John F. Kennedy in a hateful Dallas Texas, the hope of the Free World, West-Berlin speech, Peace Corps. Further shock the murder of suspect Lee Harvey Oswald by gangster Jack Ruby inside Dallas police station, surrounded by FBI agents, police officers and basement filled with photographers and television cameras. White-wash report Warren Commission. Unbelief! Vietnam War expands rapidly in 1965 with monthly draft quota doubled to 35,000 men.

Civil rights legislation pushed by president Johnson - a social heart - disgust FBI head J. Edgar Hoover, dramatic year 1968 with TET offensive, for me the clear lies by Robert McNamara (RAND alumnus) about American success on the battle field, Martin Luther King speaks out against the Vietnam War breaking with Johnson, assassinated on April 4 in Memphis TN. Johnson wants to end the war through negotiations in Paris, won't run for 2nd term, in Summer candidate Robert Kennedy assassinated. Kissinger as traitor to the American cause in Paris, foiled success of the Paris Peace talks under Johnson. War continues until evacuation of US Embassy on April 30, 1975 long after Nixon resigned in the face of impeachment. Appreciation of a bipartisan Senate investigation of the Watergate break-in. Respect for Sam Ervin.

Images of the horror of Vietnam War: girl running away from napalm strike, daily tv images of death in the jungle, Saigon police chief executes a Viet Cong fighter on camera, later under Nixon and Kissinger devastating Christmas bombing of Hanoi. Dominoes and horrific war crimes. Veterans get blamed for losing the war. Politicians further their cause to bring democracy to your home at any cost.

For me too much violence in American society and FEAR! Decided to move back to Europe. Difficult, but never looked back.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jan 31st, 2022 at 11:15:38 AM EST

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