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The 1st Biathlon World Championships were held in 1958 in Saalfelden, Austria

Could only find a report in Russian language.

The USSR national team with an hour of penalties won silver at the first World Cup

The biathlon competition rules, very close to modern ones, were approved in November 1956, and a year and a half later, in the Austrian town of Saafelden, located, by the way, very close to Hochfilzen, it was decided to hold the first battle of the best shooting skiers in the world.

In the Soviet Union, until the beginning of 1958, competitions of shooting skiers were held according to special military applied rules.

The town of Saafelden, whose mayor in 1958 was a certain Adam Pichler , met the athletes with cordiality and hospitality. All athletes and coaches were settled in hotels, they were provided with opportunities for full-fledged training

The Swede Adolf Wiklund was by far a very accurate shooter.

The program of the first world championship included only one race - individual.

Athletes had to overcome a 20-kilometer distance with four firing lines. At the same time, the distance from which they fired was reduced each time. At the first line, it was 250 meters, at the second - 200, at the third - 150, and at the final - only 100.

At the first three firing lines, the athletes fired lying down, and at the fourth - standing. For each miss, two penalty minutes were added to the time of the athlete at once. It was also curious that winter biathletes used standard army weapons. Soviet athletes, for example, hit targets from an ordinary Mosin three-ruler.

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