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Nearly gone nuclear ... declassified

Damn French 😡 ... #exocet

In a stinging memo dated 7 April 1982, France's then ambassador to London, Emmanuel de Margerie, described British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as "Victorian, imperialist and obstinate". He went on to add that she had a "tendency to get carried away by combative instincts".

In another document entitled The Falklands: Lessons from a Fiasco, senior French official Bernard Dorin accused Britain of "superpower arrogance" and claimed the country had shown "profound contempt for Latinos".

Les déclarations de M. Mitterrand et de Mme Thatcher mettent en évidence des conceptions différentes de la Communauté | Le Monde |

Boris wants to be remembered in British history next to Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher ... dangerous traits for a PM.

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