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Kyrgyz: The 700-Million-Dollar Man | OCCRP |

On Istanbul's European side, the Ottoman-era Çırağan Palace rises grandly above the waters of the Bosphorus. Once, the servants of Sultan Abdülâziz hurried up and down its marble halls. After a fire gutted the interior in 1909, it was left in ruins for years, its garden used as a football pitch.

Today, Çırağan hosts the Kempinski, a five-star hotel where the rich and ultra-rich dine on oysters, lounge by the infinity pool, and pose for photos in front of an ornate 17th-century gate.

But on one warm day in late October, a more unusual pair sat at an upscale Italian restaurant by the palace's famous garden. The two men spoke for hours, occasionally glancing up to see if anyone was watching, with a pile of papers spread out on the table between them.

One was a journalist. The other was Aierken Saimaiti, a polite, talkative 37-year-old car rental agent who had arrived in Istanbul from his home in Kyrgyzstan two years earlier.

Nothing about Saimaiti's appearance betrayed his many secrets. But just days earlier, one of his employees had been beaten to death back home. And now, worried for his own safety, he was ready to make his real business -- and his clients -- fully public.

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Murder of businessman Aierken Saimaiti solved

Mystery of the murder of a businessman Aierken Saimaiti, who was killed on November 10, 2019 in Istanbul's Fatih district, has been revealed. Sabah media outlet reports.

According to the media outlet, the murder was committed by members of Tahrir Al-Sham terrorist organization.

«The suspects were detained in Adana city while trying to escape to Syria. Kyrgyzstanis Khusein Akhmetaliev, Abdullah Enver and a Syrian Ali Isbeh were taken to Istanbul. During the interrogation, Abdullah Enver told that he is a member of a terrorist organization and that he committed murder following order of the head of the organization. The detainees were promised $ 50,000 each,» the Turkish media outlet reports.

Aierken Saimaiti was killed in Istanbul on November 10, 2019. He was shot dead in a cafe in Fatih district. After publication of a photograph of Saimaiti with some Kyrgyz politicians, the Parliament decided to investigate his murder.

Though it is fighting in Syria, the Turkestan Islamic Party remains firmly focused on Xinjiang | Carnegie Middle East Center - Aug. 30, 2017 |

Iran's government has in 2017 accused Qatar and Saudi Arabia of supporting Tahrir al-Sham.

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