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The 600 MW 450 kV HVDC subsea interconnection between Sweden and Poland is owned by the Swedish national grid operator, Svenska Kraftnat, and PSE-Operator S.A., operator of the Polish national grid.

More fossil-free electricity here, less coal and oil there | Uniper |

The export of fossil-free electricity to other countries is not only beneficial to the inhabitants of Sweden, where the electricity is produced - our electricity exports also help to reduce emissions beyond Sweden's borders. Thanks to the high percentage of nuclear and hydropower, Sweden's electricity generation is virtually fossil-free and is priced competitively. The fact is that up to 98% of our electricity generation is fossil-free.

Europe's thirst for electricity spurs Nordic grid blockade | Dec. 6, 2021 |

Sweden fights rising bill after gas halt

Swedish households and companies, especially southern Sweden, are dependent on electricity price in Germany, which in turn is very dependent on gas."

Multiple factors dictate Swedish energy prices | Aug. 24, 2022 |

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