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Lessons from the Veblen Farm

The one I found was also the president of the Association For Evolutionary Economists (AFEE)--an organization dedicated to promoting heterodox economic thinking like Veblen's.  His name was John Adams and had also graduated from that "notorious" school in Texas that had given us C. Wright Mills, Bill Melton, and Rick Tilman--Veblen's most diligent scholar.  By now my book was called "Elegant Technology" and was introduced to the world at the 1993 convention of the American Economics Association in Anaheim. My speech to them can be found here.

These days I try to keep an arms-length distance from the academics who debate the minutia of Veblen's life but otherwise am willing to give tours of the restored farm to nearly anyone who asks.  Because of my role in the restoration of the farmhouse, I have much better relationship with the Veblen family. I did a .PDF of the restoration for the 1995 family reunion which is still the most popular download from my website.  

"Remember the I35W bridge--who needs terrorists when there are Republicans"

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NWO: Clash of the Hegemons

'Sapere aude'

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