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Filosofía 2021: enfrentarse a la maldad

Philosophy 2021: Confront Evil

Another issue that worries us, and judging by the amount of reading it has had, is the relationship we have with the media and how they serve as a loudspeaker for different voices. Roberto R. Aramayo, from the Instituto de Filosofía (IFS-CSIC), looked back to analyze how the precepts by which Nazi propaganda was governed can continue to be valid today.

Aramayo highlighted not only the messages that were transmitted from power but also the context in which those messages arrived to alert us to the danger that lies in wait for us if we do not have a critical thinking and attitude towards the information we receive. The more society and debates become polarized, the easier it is for someone to slip us a slogan with which, deep down, we would not agree.
In the face of black and white or media noise, critical thinking developed thanks to philosophy is our best weapon.

Philosophy and education

Speaking of weapons... We have been dragging the same problem for years: the constant reduction of teaching hours of philosophy and ethics in Secondary and Baccalaureate. Three years ago, the political parties agreed to reinforce the subject of philosophy, but the new Education Law (LOMLOE) does not contemplate it.

Paradoxically, as Ekai Txapartegi, from the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, comments, some of the skills that are required in that same law of students are essentially given by philosophical knowledge. How to combine both realities?

Desinformación y censura, dos herramientas clave de la guerra en Ucrania

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