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The EU's geopolitical awakening in the Arctic | EPC - Apr. 11, 2022 |

Decades of exceptionalism, characterised by cooperation and peaceful dialogue, branded the Arctic a "pole of peace". Today, it is fast transforming into a `pole of instability' as geopolitics return to the High North and great power politics start to dominate this region. As the Arctic becomes a space for geopolitical competition, sharpened by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the battles will be carried out in five areas: the chase for natural resources, the rivalry for supremacy, the contest for trading routes, the race for tourism opportunities, and the run for salvaging the environment of the Circumpolar North.  

Since Mikhail Gorbachev's icebreaking Murmansk speech in 1987, the Arctic has been considered to be an "exceptional" region of peace and cooperation in security studies.

From Arctic Power to Arctic Leader? Russia's High North Strategy | Sept. 25, 2022 |

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