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... allows the United States to debilitate one of its key global adversaries -- investing in Europe's and our own security for decades to come -- without risking the life of a single American serviceman or servicewoman....


I was stunned on Feb. 24 that the invasion did happen ... there where there is no diplomacy ... Joe finishing the task of three decades US Foreign Policy .... USIP - AEI - Atlantic Council. Now the parties are in a position of a stalemate, except Russia has expanded its territory and put a security zone in place for Azov Sea and Crimea. Intermediate range assault will resume similar to before this operation. More people will die on both sides and a large part of Ukraine is destroyed.

As I have written, the old Iron Curtain has been replaced by a sturdy steel one with no patch-holes. Complete isolation from Europe and deadly economic sanctions. China has been forewarned and too many other states.

The first Cold War played out at a different level of subversion. The attitude from Western Europe was of openness to other nations, see JFK-Willy Brandt-De Gaulle. In the century of Pax Americana bridges have been destroyed, walls are build by the West to keep outsiders out. Islamophobia and Xenophobia reigns ... fascism spreads like a wildfire. People if Third World countries will be devastated by poverty, hunger and the result of global climate change. Capitalism is morally bankrupt.

Climate change is on the side of the West and Europe with an extremely warm October ...

Excellent diary for intellectuals ...

The dismantling of the Soviet Union, revisited | @ET by r------ on Jan 11th, 2007 |

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