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Whistleblower exposes $7 billion no-bid Defense Department contract | CBS News - June 30, 2019 |

Bunny Greenhouse was an unlikely whistleblower. In 2005, Greenhouse was the highest-ranked civilian at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

"When I took my oath of office it said that you will conduct the business of contracting impartially ... and with preferential treatment toward none. I saw preferential treatment toward KBR," she told "Whistleblower" host Alex Ferrer in "Bunny's War: The Case Against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers." 

KBR was Kellogg Brown and Root -- back then, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the oil services firm Halliburton.  In the weeks prior to the invasion, Greenhouse learned that KBR was being considered for a massive no-bid contract known as Restore Iraqi Oil, or RIO.

In 🇺🇸 America's needless wars ... people die. 😡

National Security, Windfalls of War, Winning Contractors and Political Donations | 2003 |

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