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Dutch News item this evening ... blaming Russia for Nord Stream explosions ... spreading NATO disinformation, fear and war rhetoric. Military be damned.

Norway has raised the alert of the army. Russia can target its oil rigs | Kjaerra |

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre pointed out that due to heavy military losses in Ukraine, the Russian regime is resorting to "other" means, including suicide missile and drone attacks against Ukrainian cities and energy infrastructure.

According to him, this shows that the Kremlin is under increasing pressure and does not hesitate to threaten to use nuclear weapons and blame the West. "We see clear signs that Russia wants to divert attention from the battlefield. The regime has a clear desire to create discord and unrest in Western countries that support Ukraine's struggle for freedom," he declared.

According to him, events such as sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea or an attempt to paralyze rail transport in Germany and various intelligence and influence operations create fear, although it is not yet possible to say who is obviously behind it. them. .

Drones on oil rigs

He recalled the arrest of a man in Tromsø, suspected of having worked for Russian intelligence, or recent incidents of mysterious drones around Norwegian airports and oil and gas facilities.

According to experts, the strategically important export of Norwegian raw materials to Europe can currently become yet another target for Russian hybrid business.

Security analyst Thomas S. Warrick z the prestigious American Atlantic Council believes that Russia may have long ago engaged in a hybrid war against Norway and by extension Northern Europe, including Germany, in order to take full advantage of the energy crisis in the coming winter.

According to Warrick, who worked in the counter-terrorism division of the US Department of the Interior, this is the most likely explanation for the combination of two recent events - the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline and the many reported cases of drones in Norwegian oil and gas platforms at sea a week earlier, but which did not receive much publicity.

He warned that the West, including the United States, must therefore now initiate immediate countermeasures aimed at defending Norwegian and Northern European energy infrastructure against a possible "hybrid winter war" that could break the support of Kyiv's Western allies.

He called the drone flights particularly worrying. Remember that unidentified unmanned machines have been observed at six offshore facilities of Norway's largest oil and gas producer Equinor and at three facilities operated by other companies.

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