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Is the White House an American iconic image built by the hands of slaves? | by Democrats Ramshield on Jul 29th, 2016 |

Certainly when Germany's Spiegel magazine wrote this issue, it also touched off a draconian firestorm. How much more time we'll have to go by before we're able to talk about that issue. The average white American family has a net worth of about $150,000 whereas African American families have a net worth of about $11,000 on average, so they swell the ranks of Precariat.

Where does this leave the American democracy? Of course there is the fact that the genocide against Native Americans is never realistically taught in schools or talked about in the media either. This of course can be no accident. Some young Americans today think the Trail of Tears is a rock group, and they don't understand what happened at Wounded Knee. How it is we can all be proud Americans, but we don't necessarily have to all be proud of everything America does in order to be good Americans and respectable citizens of the world.

Most people around the world don't understand why Native Americans have been so upset with the Washington Redskins football team name that this actually refers to Native Americans who were part of a head bounty being either scalped or decapitated, leaving behind a red blood soaked corpse.

This is sadly the true origin of the word "Redskin".

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